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Some of the steps of getting free from household germs

Germs are almost everywhere, but when it comes to household germs; we need our house to be free from all germs and bacteria including e.coli, staph etc. There are various bacteria, virus and a great amount of mold all around us. But all these things can be effectively cleaned without having good routine and hygiene. One can easily win the battle of getting their house free from all germs.

Keeping your house free from all germs can help you in keeping yourself free from all infection, infection, and illness. So this article will help you in getting the best guide that will help you in getting the germs free environment of your house and so that you can have good health and an environment free from all virus.

Let’s know where these germs are in your house

The place in your house where there is high traffic is hard to clean the surface. This place mainly consists of a lot of germs. All the germs are not harmful where there are stronghold germs. There are great chances that are very likely to cause diseases, and thus you can fall ill.

According to a study, it was found that the sink in our kitchen has lots of bacteria than the toilet seat and a garbage can. The toothbrush holder is one of them that hold a large number of bacteria as they are mainly placed near in the bathroom and are always near the toilet seat. Therefore each of the time you flush the fine toilet spray of mist can easily pollute them. People in the house mainly focus on cleaning the toilet seat rather than cleaning the toothbrush holder.

What are the things needed to kill household germs?

Cleaning the household things with soap and water will remove all the dirt, and the germs and one can easily get rid of these germs. Cleaning with these is all enough for the areas, but still, there are times where there are lots of germs, and they need more to be cleaned.

Use of cleaner disinfectant can be the best for getting speed cleaning because there are two steps involved in the process. You can easily use them to clean the kitchen counters and the surface of the bathroom.

Areas in the house that are sticky with full of spills and dirt can easily be cleaned with the soap and water. Using the disincentive can make your cleaning more effective. By mixing one or two cups of bleach in the water can also help you in getting household free from germs.

You can apply this mixture and then wait for few minutes then rinse it this will save time. But at the same time, it will provide you with the clean place as well.

Wash hands

Hand washing is one of the best steps that will reduce the spreading of germs all around your house. Especially after using the toilet and after every meal one should make sure to wash hands to avoid household germs.

Hope this information will help you in keeping your residence and surroundings clean and germ free.

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Customer Reviews

Ashley P

I hired this company to do a one time cleaning. The cleaning lady I typically use fell ill so I looked around for a cleaning company that would deliver similar results. Unfortunately many of the companies I called either didn't answer or if they did, weren't able to accommodate my schedule and requests. Maid Patrol however was quick to respond and accommodate my requests. They were reasonably priced and did a good job. My place was in bad shape so they needed to send over a 2nd cleaner but I was satisfied with the result. I've since used them 2x and they've been consistent with the quality of cleaning.

Alexa T

My partner and I have used Maid Patrol several times now, and the one thing we've noticed is how consistent they are. Irrespective of the cleaner sent, they all do a good job. Perhaps we aren't as picky as others that use maid services in Toronto but we're satisfied with the service we've received thus far. Don't get me wrong, they do miss the occasional spot here and there but nothing major. Aside from their consistency, it's also very easy to make bookings or reschedule, which is very convenient.


Maid Patrol's amazing! I've been using their cleaning services on and off through out the years and figured it was about time I wrote a review. The few times I've tried the services of other maid companies, I've been less than impressed. From late cleaners to not being thorough while significantly overcharging. The cleaning professionals I've been provided thus far have been awesome, clean quickly, and always try to go above and beyond each time. I'd recommend this service to those of you looking for this to get done correctly the first time.


Just used Maid Patrol for the first time a few days back and I was very pleased with the process and outcome. Mindy was my cleaner and she did a very through job. I'm usually quite picky and slightly ocd about certain things but she was so accommodating. Though I hadn't paid for organizing services during the booking process, she went out of her way to rearrange and organize a few nicknacks on my beauty table and counter top. I certainly plan on using the service again.

Betty Lu

I was pleased with the result. What I liked was that I paid a fixed price and got 2 cleaners (my property's larger than normal) that showed good attention to detail.

Angela Strass

Their entire staff, from customer service to the cleaners were nice and professional. Most importantly, the quality of work was as you'd expect!

Jason Ng

Emily did a great job on a move out clean for our condo. We just had some messy tenants move and the place needed a good home cleaning. Even though I was given a 2hour arrival window, she showed up about 15min early and did a great job getting everything back into decent shape. Gets a thumbs up from me. If you're in need of a good maid service, give them a try.

Jason Golding

Ordered a condo cleaning last week. Other than the cleaner getting lost, no real complaints. I'd use their service again.